What should the employer do if the helper accidentally damages or loses the property of the employer?

Sophie is an Indonesian helper who has served Mrs. Chen's family for 6 years. She has always performed well and is deeply cherished by Mrs. Chen's family.


When mopping the floor, Sophie accidentally damaged Mrs. Chen's HK$1,500 Liuli flower bottle.


Sophie, terrified of paying huge sums of money, immediately called her Sunlight Employment Agency to find out how the issue could be handled.


This time, Rose from the translation department was in charge of answering the call. She listened carefully to Sophie's concerns and immediately calmed her down, then slowly explained how to deal with the problem.


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Can an employer deduct the helper’s wages to compensate for damage to goods caused by him/her? What other items may an employer deduct from the helper’s wages?

  • An employer can make deductions for damage to or loss of the employer’s goods, equipment, or property by the helper’s neglect or default. In any one case, the sum to be deducted shall be equivalent to the value of the damage or loss but not exceeding HK$300. 

The total of such deductions shall not exceed one-quarter of the wages payable to the helper in that wage period.

The employer may also make deductions from the helper's wages under the

following circumstances :

  • Deductions for absence from work. The sum to be deducted should be proportionate to the period of time the helper is absent from work;

  • Deductions for the recovery of any advanced or over-paid wages made by the employer to the helper. The total sum to be deducted shall not exceed one-quarter of the wages payable to the helper in that wage period;

  • Deductions, with the helper’s written consent, for the recovery of any loan made by the employer to the helper; and

  • Deductions which are required or authorized under any enactment to be made from the wages of the helper.

Except with the approval in writing of the Commissioner for Labour, the total of all deductions, excluding those for absence from work, made in any one wage period shall not exceed one half of the wages payable in that period.

After Mrs. Chen learned about the situation later, not only did she not blame Sophie or ask for compensation, but she gave her a hug: "Thank you for your hard work, Sophie, and be careful next time you mop the floor."


After a long period of service, the helper will naturally integrate into the family and become a part of the family. At this time, as long as there is proper communication between the employer and the employer, many misunderstandings will be easily resolved.


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