Professional mentor team

Professional training, qualify teacher, employment training, high salary guarantee, small class teaching, quality assurance, large market demand, and equal emphasis on theory and clinical practice.

Course content
First classCommon diseases and care skills for the elderly (1)
1. Seasonal epidemics
2. Cardiovascular diseases: hypertension and coronary heart disease
3. Neurological diseases: stroke, Parkinson's disease
4. Joint diseases: degenerative arthritis, gout, osteoporosis
The second classCommon diseases and care skills for the elderly (2)
1. endocrine disease: diabetes mellitus
2. Respiratory diseases: chronic obstructive airway diseases, pulmonary tuberculosis
3. Common senile mental diseases: cognitive impairment and senile depression
The third classPhysical, psychological and social changes of the elderly
1. Communication skills with the elderly
2. Daily care for the elderly - basic necessities of life
3. Pay attention to home safety / correct hand washing skills / wear masks
4. Emergency response
The fourth classSpecial skills in caring for the elderly
1. Precautions for the elderly
2. Nasal, gastric and laryngeal feeding
3. Holding and transfer skills / use of wheeled walking equipment
4. Sphygmomanometer

We provide a senior nurse mentor team with one or more of the following professional qualifications:
·Former manager of Cardiology Department of Donghua Hospital
·Former geriatric manager of Donghua Hospital
·Former manager of stroke Department of Donghua Hospital
·Former manager of Rehabilitation Department of Donghua Hospital
·Former ward manager of Internal Medicine Department of Donghua Hospital
·Former East district hospital nurse teacher
·Former East China hospital nurse teacher
·Former nurse teacher of Mary Hospital
·Former head nurse of Queen Elizabeth Hospital
·Former operation manager of Cardiothoracic Surgery Department of Mary Hospital
·Member of the British Thoracic Association
·Handled the care of the first heart changer
·Once co organized the first leader of artificial heart
·Former director of intensive care department of Mary Hospital and Grantham hospital
·Former director of coronary heart disease ward of Grantham hospital
·Former director of chest and Lung Department of Grantham hospital
·Former director of cardiopulmonary operating room of Mary Hospital
·Former director of cardiothoracic ward of Mary Hospital and Grantham hospital
·Former day care supervisor of cardiothoracic surgery of Mary Hospital and Grantham hospital
·Lecturer, Hong Kong Jockey Club elderly care and health seminar
·Lecturer of elderly nursing and health lecture of Donghua Hospital
·Lecturer, elderly care and health seminar, Elderly Welfare Association
·Lecturer of Xiekang president's nursing and health lecture
·Senior registered nurse, Department of Geriatrics, Feng Yaojing hospital, former Donghua Third Hospital
·Senior health worker training tutor
·He has 40 years of experience in the hospital authority

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