1. Overseas training center

Sunlight Employment Agency is committed to providing the highest standards of private household employment service. We closely cooperate with local large training centers in Philippines and Indonesia, interviewing foreign domestic helper and strictly choosing those domestic helpers with rich experience, good characters and enthusiastic attitudes for employers' selection. To ensure the future working quality, most of the overseas domestic helpers introduced by Sunlight Employment Agency complete a series of domestic helper training course in local training centre. The training contents include Cantonese, baby care, elderly care, housework internship, etc., and teaching family living habits in Hong Kong, so that the domestic helpers can integrate into the work as soon as possible.

2. On-the-job training in HK

Besides professional overseas training, Sunlight Employment Agency also provides foreign domestic helpers with on-the-job training in Hong Kong.

Sunlight Central Training Centre

Sunlight's maid training centre, set in Hong Kong and with a simulated Hong Kong's home environment, helps foreign domestic helpers study more efficiently Address: 1/F, Chaton House, 100-104 Tsat Tsz Mei Road, North Point. (North Point MTR Exit B3)

Sunlight North Point Training Centre

1/F., On Ning Building, 425 - 431 King's Road,North Point.(North Point MTR Exit B1)

Training course

All maids employed through Sunlight Employment Agency will be free to participate in our 2-year training course in Hong Kong. The course covers Chinese cuisine, baby care, Cantonese, household guides and home safety, taught by and immediately demonstrated and guided by experienced instructors to fully enhance the ability of maids to meet the requirements of employers in Hong Kong.

3. Cantonese Speaking training

The tutor has extensive teaching experience and has taught Cantonese in Indonesia for over ten years. Every seven lessons 

constitute a complete course, and after the course, the domestic helper needs to take an exam. Those who pass the exam 

will receive a certificate.

Training Class Learning Approach:

Basic Cantonese Learning: We will start with basic vocabulary and pronunciation to help the domestic helpers establish a 

solid language foundation.

Practical Conversation Skills: Through role-playing, dialogue practice, and simulated real-life situations, we will teach 

practical conversation skills used in daily life and work.

Oral Training: Through abundant oral practice, we will help domestic helpers improve their listening and speaking abilities.

Course content

The First class

Daily Etiquette

-Speech and Behavior

-Service Etiquette

-Family Interpersonal Relationships

-Daily Polite Expressions

-Ability to use daily polite expressions (e.g., handing over items with both hands, 

making eye contact, nodding, etc.)

-Open-mindedness and willingness to learn

The second class

Occupational Health 

and Hygiene

-Personal Grooming and Appearance

-Personal Hygiene Knowledge

-Emphasis on personal hygiene and cleanliness

-Focus on personal health

The third class

Household Cleaning and Hygiene

-Rules for using cleaning tools

-Procedures and requirements for cleaning the living space

-Cleaning floors and walls in the living space

The fourth class

Chinese Cuisine

-Basic and simple recipes

-Nutritious recipes

-Meat processing

-Thawing and handling frozen meat products

The fifth class

Clothing Washing and Storage

-Identifying laundry labels

-Choosing laundry products

-Handwashing clothes

-Using a washing machine for laundry

-Clothing storage

-Preventing mold and moth damage to clothing

The sixth class

Basic Knowledge of

Household Appliances

-Common precautions for using household appliances

-Cleaning and wiping precautions for furniture and appliances

-Kitchen Appliance Usage

-Gas and electrical safety

-Home Care

The seventh class

Cleaning floors and walls in 

the living space

-Disinfecting and cleaning supplies for furniture and appliances

-Disinfecting kitchen utensils and tableware

-Cleaning and disinfecting sanitary fixtures

North Point Cantonese Speaking training video


North Point Cantonese Speaking training photos

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4. Professional training

Professional training, qualify teacher, employment training, high salary guarantee, small class teaching, quality assurance, large market demand, and equal emphasis on theory and clinical practice.

Course content
First classCommon diseases and care skills for the elderly (1)
1. Seasonal epidemics
2. Cardiovascular diseases: hypertension and coronary heart disease
3. Neurological diseases: stroke, Parkinson's disease
4. Joint diseases: degenerative arthritis, gout, osteoporosis
The second classCommon diseases and care skills for the elderly (2)
1. endocrine disease: diabetes mellitus
2. Respiratory diseases: chronic obstructive airway diseases, pulmonary tuberculosis
3. Common senile mental diseases: cognitive impairment and senile depression
The third classPhysical, psychological and social changes of the elderly
1. Communication skills with the elderly
2. Daily care for the elderly - basic necessities of life
3. Pay attention to home safety / correct hand washing skills / wear masks
4. Emergency response
The fourth classSpecial skills in caring for the elderly
1. Precautions for the elderly
2. Nasal, gastric and laryngeal feeding
3. Holding and transfer skills / use of wheeled walking equipment
4. Sphygmomanometer

5. Registration methods

Course places are limited, for exact details, please contact your sales consultant, or during office hours dial our customer service hotline. Customer service hotline: (852) 2746 0711 Office hours: 09:00 – 18:00(except Sat., Sun. & holidays)

6.Online registration

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