Baby Caring : My 10 promises with New Born Baby

The prospective maid reports to work for the first time

Sunlight Employment Agency understands that every junior maid need practices to become aa advanced maid. Plus, for single or maids who did not have any new born caring experience, they are expected to be more alienated and unconfident in taking care of New Born.

As the largest employment agency in Hong Kong, no matter whether we recruit, select or train Filipino maids and Indonesian maids, there will be special personnel to supervise them. We also holds regular classes to provide professional New Born Baby training program for foreign domestic helpers. The purpose of the course is equiping them to meet the needs of employers. Courses are taught and demonstrated by experienced registered nurses, including theory and practice. After the maid completes the training, a certificate will be issued.

North Point Flagship Store Training Center Certificate Awarding

Ten promises for me and New Born

Our company sincerely hope that before you could  become an excellent maid, you can simply abide by the following ten points and agree with  New Born :

  • Take care of babies with love

  • Be patient with baby and don't lose your temper

  • Be careful about the daily life and diet of infants and young children

  • Keep infants and young children away from dangerous objects such as stoves, electric switches, etc.

  • Under no circumstances should you beat nor scold the baby.

  • Always keep an eye on the baby and tell your employer if you have any questions.

  • Under no circumstances should the baby be left alone.

  • Do not take the baby out without the consent of the your employer.

  • Babies should not be kissed indiscriminately.

  • If the child does something wrong, tell the employer.

Baby Room Vocabulary:

  1. Crib (boks bayi)

  2. Crib Frame(bingkai tempat tidur)

  3. Besides Cot Mattress(matras untuk pinggiran tempat tidur)

  4. Mattress (matars / tilam)

  5. Bed Sheet (seprei)

  6. Pillow (bantal)

  7. U-shaped Bolster (U bentuk guling)

  8. Quit / Blanket (selimut)

  9. Mosquito net (kelambu/ tirai nyamuk)

  10. Baby Monitor (monitor)

  11. Sound Receiver (alat penerima auara)

  12. Crib Muscial Toys (hiasan musik yang digantung pada boks bayi)

  13. Diaper Changing Mat (alas untuk mengganti popok)

  14. Wardrobe / Closet (lemari pakaian)

  15. Playard (boks tempat anak bermain yang berjaring)

  16. Play Mat (tikar untuk bermain)

  17. Baby Rocking Chair(kursi goyang)

  18. Baby Dining Chair (Kursi goyang)

  19. Baby Walker (kereta untuk belajar jalan bagi balita)

  20. Potty / Baby Toilet Seat (toilet duduk untuk bayi)

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